ArtWorks Alliance is the new UK umbrella for organisations with strategic or development interests in any branch of participatory arts, including community arts, socially-engaged arts, voluntary arts, and arts in education and learning. ArtWorks Alliance was created by the six national art form organisations that worked together through ArtWorks Navigator.

We are driven by a passion for participatory arts and a belief that collaborating to strengthen support for artists will bring benefits for everyone involved. It will lift the practice to a new level of confidence, recognition and ambition, leading to higher quality experiences for participants.



ArtWorks Alliance is looking for an exceptional leader for its next phase of development. This new role will help the Alliance to increase profile, presence and impact, expand membership and improve longer-term sustainability. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate significant experience of working at a senior level within participatory arts. The contract to undertake this role is offered for a fixed period, on a part-time basis, to the end of July 2017. Fee: £20,000 plus travel. Deadline for proposals:  Thursday 18 August 2016

Download an application pack here.


ArtWorks Alliance is proud to be supporting:

ITAC3: The Third International Teaching Artist Conference
Best, Next and Radical Practice in Participatory Arts

Taking place at the John McIntyre Conference Centre in Edinburgh, 3-5 August 2016, the ITAC3 Conference brings together artists, organisations, funders and researchers from all over the world to explore key issues relating to participatory arts practice through an inspiring mix of curated conversations, practical workshops, keynote speeches, seminars and round-table discussions. For an overview of the conference programme visit

Creative Scotland is managing and hosting the ITAC3 conference in partnership with Paul Hamlyn Foundation, ArtWorks Alliance and the conference originators. ITAC3 is funded by Creative Scotland and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Become a member of ArtWorks Alliance!

– Do you work at a strategic level representing and supporting participatory arts?
– Do you want to work collaboratively to generate real long-term impact on the participatory arts sector?
– Do you want to work together collaboratively to strengthen and advocate for the sector in the UK and on an international platform?

ArtWorks Alliance provides an umbrella for participatory arts bodies – a common meeting ground for knowledge exchange and the joint promotion of activities.

Membership benefits include:
– Annual programme of events
– Information and resources
– Collective approach to development and resource procurement

Our work currently includes the development of training and development interventions, resource development, research, events and advocacy. Our partners actively contribute to the work programmes and we hold regular forums to take this work forward.  Contact Hilary or Chris to discuss joining us on the journey at

You don’t have to be a member to connect with ArtWorks Alliance. Simply sign up to our e-newsletter via this website and we’ll keep you up to date with our work and future plans.


Paul Hamlyn Foundation ArtWorks Development Grants, Year 2 Evaluation

Following the end of the ArtWorks initiative, Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) has continued to fund a range of activity to explore how artists could be better supported in developing their practice in participatory settings. In 2013, as part of the initiative, PHF funded seven projects through small development grants; in 2015 PHF decided to fund a further group of six projects, all with activity taking place between July 2015 and March 2016 (and some with activity continuing beyond this time). Each of the projects has received between £3,200 and £3,500. In addition, Creative Scotland funded a project which had applied through the PHF funding process, at a similar amount.

You can read the Evaluation Report and the case studies here:

Evaluation Report pdf

FEAST Case Study pdf

Torbay Case Study pdf

SNAP Case Study pdf

Aberdeen Case Study pdf

West Lothian Case Study pdf

WELL Case Study pdf

Stove Case Study pdf


ArtWorks: Developing practice in participatory settings was originally developed by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. In 2015 the Foundation awarded funding to the ArtWorks Alliance to take this work forward.

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